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Refresh City Day Signature Massage

Signature spa treatments are spa services that are unique to a spa, and are most often found at resort, hotel and destination spas. Signature spa treatments often use local ingredients and traditions, so are also sometimes called indigenous spa treatments. They're often in a special part of the spa menu and are called "rituals" or "experiences".

Signature spa treatments tend to last longer and cost more than the usual massage or facial. They can be wonderful, and if you've been to a lot of spas it's fun to experience something new. Sometimes you get master therapists and have transforming experiences.

This massage incorporates Thai, Swedish and Sports massage techniques, to allow the deep tissue to soften and to resolve energy barriers, knots and tangles.Choose the massage that suits your body needs and mood, and experience the best of Six Senses therapies. Energizer: a reviving upper body massage to relieve muscle tension; Holistic: a soothing massage to induce deep relaxation; Oriental: a stress relieving treatment combining a full body massage with acupressure and stretching techniques.

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