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Foot Reflexology is based on the ancient [time-tested] principles that all the organs and glands in our body are connected to reflex points on foot. Pressure point techniques are used to focus on these reflex points, to release blocked energy channels and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities, the perfect therapy for general wellness.
The foot represents the body: as divided into ten reflex zones, like a mirror image of the body. In the reflexology chart, you can see that each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body. Specific manipulation and pressure of reflex points reduces and eliminates blockages in the corresponding glands or organs and therefore restores a healthy balance.

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female to male body massage in rohini

SPA In Delhi

Welcome to Royal Body Massage, As compared to other spa in Delhi Royal body spa takes a all round approach and philosophy to help relax the stressed induced issues and the problems that occurs due to the daily stressed routine of our lifestyle.

body to body massage in delhi


To give a full body massage is a work of great skill to have for proper relaxation of body. Full body massage can use to de-stress, remove pain and aches. Giving a proper full body massage is done only by professional masseuse so that massage gives its full benefit.

nuru massage in delhi

Female To Male Full Body Massage

Royal Body SPA is the finest Spa specially in the Feild of Female To Male Body Massage in Delhi. We are situated in Rohini and providing effective ways of Relaxing the Body from Day to Day Stress.

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